Available courses

Oceans 11

Why study the oceans of the world? What influence do they have on you personally? You may be surprised by the major impact they have on your everyday activities. The more we understand about the oceans, the more is revealed as to their importance for our survival. From overfishing to oil exploration to global warming, the oceans impact every aspect of our lives. This course explores the oceans, from physical characteristics to life in the sea.

Driver's Education

This course is designed to develop good driving skills, knowledge and attitudes with an emphasis on safety. Classroom, simulation, range and road experience will be included.

Production Technology

Production technology 12 provides the opportunity for students to improve their skills by working with various materials to solve problems. The course will focus on both individual skills and team production skills. These skills will be an asset when students work individually on production pieces as well as when they work as a team to mass produce production pieces.

Business Technology

Business Technology is designed to help students become proficient users of automated wordprocessing equipment. This will be accomplished through extensive use of microsoft office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). Modules include keyboarding, formatting, orientation, word-processing concepts, and skill development applications.

Child Studies 11

Child Studies 11 is a course designed to help students explore the meaning and implications of responsible parenthood and child care; to help them acquire current information regarding reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth; to help them explore significant issues of early childhood; and to help them apply the understanding of child development to the care and guidance of children.

Teacher: Mena Evans

Family Studies 12

Canadian Families 12 is a full-credit course that examines the nature of families through the lens of Maslow’s hierarchy of Human Needs. Using demographic information, students will explore and research the challenges faced by Canadian families and look at society’s response to those challenges.

Canadian Literature 12

Canadian Literature 12 is an elective course within the discipline of English language arts.  It is intended to be an academic course, challenging in terms of its requirements but flexible enough to accommodate the needs and interests of a range of students